Frequently Asked Questions
 Registering With CowboyCowgirl.com
 I live in Canada. Will my postal code work in place of a zip code?
 Does CowboyCowgirl.com accept members from countries other than the U.S. and Canada?
 Personalizing Your Profile
 How do I upload photos to my profile?
 My age is not listed correctly. What can I do to change it?
 I Accidentally entered the wrong gender when I signed up. How do I change it?
 How do I change the primary photo that is displayed on my profile?
 Searching For Other Members
 How is my Ideal Match list created?
 Contacting Other Members
 Am I allowed to include my email address in my messages?
 Will I be notified when I receive a new message in my Inbox?
 Membership Types
 What do I get with my free, basic membership?
 What do I not get with a basic membership?
 What is the difference between a basic membership and premium membership?
 How do I upgrade my membership from basic to premium?
 Subscribing to Premium Membership
 Will I be notified when my subscription is up?
 How long will it take to begin using subscription features after I have made a payment?
 What does CowboyCowgirl.com do to keep my financial information safe?
 Account Settings
 How can I change the email address that I have registered with CowboyCowgirl.com?
 How can I remove my profile and account from CowboyCowgirl.com?
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