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Immediately after registration, you will receive many benefits that CowboyCowgirl.com has to offer. Below is an overview of what is involved in signing up with CowboyCowgirl.com and what steps there are in creating your own personal profile.
Registration with CowboyCowgirl.com is quick and easy. On the registration form you will be asked to choose a username and password for CowboyCowgirl.com. We will also ask you to enter your birthday and zip code and answer a few short questions about yourself. After entering this information an activation email will be sent to the email address you give on the registration form. Following the instructions in this email will activate your CowboyCowgirl.com account.
Creating Your Personal Profile
Your CowboyCowgirl.com profile gives you a chance to tell others a little bit about yourself. The first half of creating your profile involves answering a few straight-forward questions that will give other members a good idea of what you are like. These questions pertain to your appearance, career, values, and lifestyle. The second half provides you with up to 1000 characters of free-fill space to describe yourself in more detail. What is your best quality? How do you spend your free time? Where are your favorite places to go? Who are the important people in your life? The sky is the limit and our members can't wait to hear all about you!
Describing Your Ideal Match
Uploading Photos
Your picture is worth a thousand words! Uploading a photo gives your profile a personal touch and lets other CowboyCowgirl.com members associate the details of your personal profile with a face. It has also been found that a profile with a picture is five times more likely to get viewed and eight times more likely to receive a message than a profile without a photo. Don't know which photo to upload? Can't decide between the one of you with your pet, the picture of you with all of your friends, or the photo of just you in your element? Don't worry. We'll let you upload up to five photos of your choice.
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